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Empire Has No Clothes

Oct 22, 2020

On this edition of Empire Has No Clothes, Matt, Kelley, and Daniel speak to TAC foreign policy reporter Barbara Boland. She breaks down the upcoming election and the possible impacts on foreign policy of a Biden victory. We also talk about why Donald Trump's maximalist negotiating policy towards North Korea...

Oct 15, 2020

Investigative journalist Gareth Porter talks about why he’s spent so much time trying to debunk the Russian hacking story and Washington's institutional bias against Iran. In the first segment, Dan, Kelley, and Matt talk about throwback Vice President Pence and tough talking Democrat Kamala Harris.

Oct 8, 2020

Matt, Kelley, and Dan spoke with Bonnie Kristian from Defense Priorities about the absence of an antiwar movement despite 19 years of endless war, the "snapback" debacle at the U.N., and the prospects for progressive/conservative cooperation in opposing wars in the future. We also discussed Charles Kupchan's distortions...

Oct 5, 2020

This week, Kelley, Dan and Matt talk to David Vine, who co-wrote the Cost of War study that found that as many as 59,000 refugees were created in the wake of the U.S.-led 9/11 wars. We also hash out the pushback on the study’s methodology. In the first segment we talk about new U.S. threats to shutter our embassy in...