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Empire Has No Clothes

Dec 17, 2020

This week on Empire Has No Clothes, we talked with Barbara Slavin of the Atlantic Council about Iran and whether Joe Biden can ease our tensions with Tehran. Kelley, Dan, and I also discussed the latest defense authorization bill and all the terrible provisions therein.

Dec 14, 2020

On the latest Empire Has No Clothes, Matt, Kelley, and Dan speak with William Astore, retired lieutenant colonel (USAF), who teaches history at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. We discuss the Lloyd Austin appointment as Joe Biden's defense secretary, America’s endless wars, the missing antiwar movement, and the...

Dec 4, 2020

On this edition of Empire Has No Clothes, Matt, Kelley, and Daniel speak to Rachel Esplin Odell of the Quincy Institute. She discusses China, what a Biden administration policy will look like, and the real nature of the threat from Beijing. We also talk about the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist and...